Business Analysis


Ray One Accountants can help a wide range of different businesses from different industries and sectors. The wide range of services provided can be tailored to suit SMEs of all sizes.

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Keeping up-to-date and abreast of business, tax and legal developments; Ray One Accountants can help SMEs from a wide range of different industries and sectors. Identifying and determining solutions to business and financial problems. Elegant solutions can help isolate problems before they occur and implement preventative strategies.

Business analysis from Ray One Accountants can help determine the strengths of the business as well as the weaknesses, indicating where the company in succeeding and where the concentration should be focussed.

The analysis can help recognise opportunities and future potential that the company may be able to take advantage of. This can help the business grow organically.

The SWOT analysis methodology identifies 4 key areas in a business’ future:

  • Strength The current aspects of the business that are performing well
  • Weaknesses The aspects of the business that could be improved upon
  • Opportunities The potential opportunities that the company should act upon
  • Threats The potential dangers and pitfalls that the company should protect itself from