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Ray One Accountants offer professional accounting services to sole traders, partnerships and limited companies. With over 12 years of experience and ACCA & AAT certifications; Ray One Accountants offer peace of mind with the comprehensive services. Currently managing a portfolio of more than 200 clients; Ray One Accountants specialise in providing financial services for a large number of clients at any one time. If you need any financial advise from chartered accountants in Preston, contact Ray One Accountants.

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Ray One Chartered Accountant offer a range of financial services including Payroll, Bookkeeping and VAT control.

At Ray One Accountants,we offer peace of mind and years of experience to our clients and their financial situations. Offering a range of different services including Payroll, Bookkeeping and VAT control; Ray One Accountants can help you organise the accounts of your business into a coherent and organised manner. Ray One Chartered Accountants have over 8 years experience of managing more than 200 clients and are ACCA and AAT certified. Our friendly and approachable service allows our clients complete clarity in regards to their accounts and financial situation.


Sole traders, partnerships and limited companies are all taxable by Value Added Tax (VAT).

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Relieve the administrative pain of wage organisation with our payroll services of Ray One Accountants.

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We offer a wide range of bookkeeping services to alleviate the burden from the SME.

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It is important for a successful business to get every penny working to its fullest potential and in complete tandem.

Ray One Chartered Accountants provide a number of additional services including tax management, financial management and business analysis. Our services can help small and medium sized industries from a number of different industries and sectors. Ray One Accountants can take the headache out of accounts organisation for sole traders, partnerships and limited companies. Our aim is to help business streamline and organise their finances so they can concentrate on their business rather than their accounts.



Ray One Accountants can organize your company accounts, finances, incoming and outgoings in an easy-to-understand manner so you understand the financial situation of your business at all times.

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Business & Personal Tax Management

Getting tax rules and regulations to work in your favour can help free up significant amounts of capital.

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Financial Management

Financial management can help the company utilise their funds to their fullest potential. Using various finance techniques; tied up capital can be freed for optimised efficiency.

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Business Analysis

Keeping to-to-date and abreast of business, tax and legal developments; Ray One Accountants can help SMEs from a wide range of different industries and sectors.

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Rayone Accountants can help a wide range of different businesses from different industries and sectors. The wide range of services provided can be tailored to suit SMEs of all sizes.

Clients based on Industries Ray One Chartered Accountants Serve

Retail 90%
Legal 80%
Public Transport 70%
Construction 60%
Telecommunication 50%
Professional 40%